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Using the body as an instrument, we are able to find exactly how injury, stress and trauma are stored in the body.

In the 1920’s, Dr Richard VanRumpt discovered and perfected a procedure which allows a practitioner to gather objective, real-time information from a client’s body. This means it had become possible to use the patient’s own body as an instrument to find exactly where, when and how to adjust/correct stored injury, trauma, and accumulated life stress.

There was a time when I was in chiropractic college when I had become very dissatisfied with the chiropractic methods available. I knew there had to be a chiropractic method or technique which had advanced its procedures in parallel with other industries such as technology, bio-tech. There had to be way to gather objective information from the client’s body that was accurate, sensitive and could tell me exactly where the causative issues are and if the procedure to correct those issues actually had an effect.

If I was going to provide a chiropractic service I could be confident in sharing with my friends and family and offer answers to the general social apprehension to seeing a chiropractor I needed a method with these criteria:

  1. An objective way to gather accurate yes/no, true/false information form a client’s body
  2. A way I could, through chiropractic, gently adjust/correct a client’s issues without joint cavitation, popping/cracking
  3. A way I could help fix a client’s issues and have those corrections hold.
  4. A way I could clear a client of stored injury, trauma, accumulated life stress in 3 visits.

I wrote these four points on a piece of paper and looked at them every meal everyday

What I did not realize at the time was just how perfectly the Open Source Technique and OS Test was in answering my above criteria.

Lack of a "pull up" of the reactive leg indicates a "no" from the body's persective.

Using the body as an instrument. Even Legs indicating “no.”

There have been many different ways doctors and practitioners from a wide variety of professions have come up with ways to communicate with a client’s body. Computer programs have been developed, Bio-feed back devices, traditional muscle testing such as the methods on Applied Kinesiology and variations, dowsing, monitoring cranial sacral or organ rhythms/changes in tone, self muscle testing, and others all attempt to gather information from a client’s body. Personally, I learned many of these methods but something was missing: client and practitioner objectivity.

I needed confidence in chiropractic diagnosis and the Reactive Leg Reflex offered the solution I was seeking.

The OS Test has advantages over other types of client sourced diagnostic bio-feedback. It is objective on the part of the observer (practitioner). The response can be simply observed essentially as either a definitive Yes, or a definitive No. From the client’s perspective, there is no active resisting as in traditional active muscle testing procedures. When the OS Test procedure is performed, the client is in a passive state, just relaxed. The test response feels the same to the client if the testing answer is a Yes or No.

A "pull up" of the reactive leg indicates a "yes" from the body's persective.

Using the body as an instrument. Short leg post test or challenge indicating “yes.

This situation allows incredibly detailed information to be gathered as to exactly how injury, trauma and accumulated lift stress is stored in the client’s system.

I have written an academic paper that is currently under consideration for publication in a peer reviewed journal. I will also be presenting this paper and abstract at The International Research and Philosophy Symposium at Sherman College of Chiropractic (IRAPS), Spartanburg, South Carolina Oct 9-10, 2010.

For those interested, here is a pdf copy of the abstract (appropriately revised version): Surface EMG and the Reactive Leg Reflex: a Proposed Methodology to Evaluate a Dichotomous Neurophysiologic Reflex with Diagnostic Potential. This same abstract is available in a blog post (non pdf, online version) here: Muscle testing abstract.

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