Lower Neck Pain

Whiplash injuries, sleeping on your stomach, computer work, phones, texting, sports injuries and activities of daily living can contribute to lower neck and upper back pain and stiffness. Headaches, shoulder pain, arms and hand radiating pain, numbness and tingling can all be manifestations this type of stress accumulation.

The lower neck and upper back is also a major spine transition area where vertebrae with ribs (thoracic spine) transitions to the neck (cervical spine). This is a critical area for our peace of mind and general life enjoyment. There is a solution to chronic and acute lower neck and upper back pain. For a lasting solution, the root causative patterns need to be identified and resolved completely. Thankfully, when the body is adjusted properly, it will hold onto the corrections made and become a more stable and efficient system.

Salt Lake City Chiropractor neck and head pain treatment

Using a light force impulse, complete adjustments can be made when relaxed without any joint popping or cracking.

The lower neck and upper back can certainly be an area of symptom focus although the entire spine, when functioning and existing in an optimum state, works together. Stress of all kinds can accumulate and be stored in the spine. Continued stress accumulation and the resulting compensations our body consciously and sub-consciously makes can cause the spine to stiffen with muscle spasms and joint fixations. The entire body needs to be addressed when treating the lower neck and upper back including the shoulders, clavicles, lower back and upper neck. Thankfully, this process can be accomplished in very few visits with lasting effect.

The lower neck is also related to metabolism through the proximity and influence on the thyroid gland. Also, when the neck is not working, motivation for exercise and doing things we love tend to be put off.

Gentle Chiropractic

Thankfully, there is a chirorpactic solution which promises fewer visits, gentle adjustments without joint popping and cracking, and lasting chirorpactic treatment. I hear all the time about people who have  seen a chiropractor but the adjustments just were not holding very long or they were afraid of getting hurt. The chiropractic specialty, OST eliminates any  fears or apprehension towards chiropractic treatment:

  • accurate real time chiropractic subluxation analysis without the need for routine x-rays
  • very light force adjustments (no joint popping, cracking at any point)
  • complete adjustments (we are able to find and address not only bone elements but all the related soft tissue including muscles, disks, ligaments.)
  • Fewer visits (2-3 initial visits in about 4-6 weeks)

Your time and resources are valuable commodities. My goal is to get you back on track in as few of visits as possible producing a lasting effect.

There is a solution for whiplash, sports injuries, computer caused tension and pain and headaches. Contact us today (Salt Lake City Chiropractor) to find out if your symptom presentation could be helped with this profound work.

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