Knee Pain Treatment

Written by Jonathan Leusden DC, Salt Lake City

The knee is an amazing system. As well known as chiropractic is for treating spine related conditions, less well known but arguably of equal importance are the extremities. Just as elsewhere in the body, the knee can store the vectors of injury, trauma and overuse.

It still amazes me to be able to identify exactly how an injury is stored in the knee anatomy. Whether it be a football injury, soccer injury, martial arts or an awkward fall, correcting a knee properly can have dramatic positive benefits. By using the OS Test analysis, we are able to identify the exact misalignment situation of this anatomy:

DNFT chiropractic knee treatment

Dr Leusden’s knee/meniscus treatment

  • patella
  • distal femur
  • meniscus
  • proximal fibula and tibia
  • MCL, CLC
  • ACL, PCL
  • patella tendons (above and below)
  • bursa
  • all muscles attaching and related to the knee
  • related fascia

Rarely does an issue affect only the patella or meniscus. When the knee is injured, the vectors of this injury are stored and distributed throughout the knee anatomy. By using the body as its own instrument via Reactive Leg Reflex, we can identify and correct with light force impulses the knee injury.

This knee analysis and treatment is so effective many people notice immediately more stability, range of motion and decreased pain.

Salt Lake City Chiropractor

DNFT chiropractic knee treatment (child)

There are situations where a knee injury has completely torn an ACL or MCL in which case surgery may be the only option to stabilize the knee. Clinically, I have found in these situations that when a client has the knee surgery, analyzing the knee post surgery, we can still identify the exact vectors of the original injury. Correcting the knee after surgery has sped up healing time and can make an immediately noticeable difference in stability and overall knee function. In some cases, custom orthotics can also help balance the knee long term.

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We all know people who have chronic knee problems. Through detailed analysis, complete corrections with light force impulses, no matter the knee situation there is a good chance OST chiropractic can make a lasting positive difference. Kids and teenagers respond amazingly well as do clients of all ages. Contact Gentle Chiropractic Salt Lake today to see if yours or a loved one’s knee situation could benefit! Free initial consultation!

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