The Second DNFT® Chiropractic Visit

The relatively few visits when seeing a Directional Non-Force Technique® (D.N.F.T.®) Chiropractor is a major treatment aspect allowing this work to stand alone. Fewer visits, gentle adjustments and lasting corrections are the goal. This page details the expectations involved in the second visit with a DNFT chiropractor.

The first DNFT chiropractic visit covers many of the major chronic and deep-rooted patterns your body has accumulated up until this point. The follow up visit or second treatment opportunity is arguably as important as the initial visit. Because the body will actually prefer to be in a corrected state, much, if not all of the work done in the initial visit will hold. The second visit, (usually within about a week), allows us to evaluate and analyze all the wok done before. The cause of any residual patterns or symptoms in the area can usually be identified at this point also.

The areas of the body we identify during the second visit as actively causing stress on the body (traditionally called the chiropractic subluxation), usually manifest as the levels of the spine where we left off after the initial visit.

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DNFT chiropractic analysis reveals and corrects the primary issues.

For example, during a first visit we may have identified and resolved (adjusted) the entire pelvis, hips, sacrum, low back including all the lumbar vertebrae, T12, T11, T10, all the vertebral disks, ligaments and attaching muscles, cranial bones, jaw and upper neck. The second visit’s analysis will reveal T9, T8, mid thoracic vertebrae, ribs, vertebral disks, ligaments and attaching muscles.Essentially the levels of the spine not addressed during the first visit.

Very often, we are able to reveal and adjust/correct all the levels in the spine that were not revealed during the initial visit.

Residual symptoms and underlying patterns can be identified and many times all the vertebrae left to be identified are reveled and addressed.

How can the body hold on to these adjustments?

You body actually prefers to be in a stress free, injury and trauma free state. when we analyze the body in the detail possible with DNFT chiropractic, we can access and address all involved anatomy. This process provides you body with a kind of clean slate situation where it is more efficient and stable after these treatments and adjustments.

DNFT chiropractic is a process like any other healing journey. Most of the time, people respond extremely well after the first visit. The second visit’s roll allows residual issues and the next layers of the onion to manifest and be addressed.

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