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What to expect with DNFT Chiropractic® in Salt Lake City

The first visit begins with contacting Dr. Leusden’s office and setting up an initial appointment. There is minimal paper work to complete which can be emailed ahead of time for convenience. The initial appointment is scheduled for about an hour.

The appointment begins with Dr. Leusden greeting you and inviting you to into the treatment office. You health history is over-viewed and any relevant aspects are investigated in more detail. Dr Leusden will explain how he uses your body as a diagnostic instrument and how we find exactly how stress is accumulated and stored in your body.

Gentle Chiropractic Treatments with Dr Jonathan Leusden

Dr Leusden using the client’s body as an instrument own body as an instrument to find out exactly what is causing your particular condition or conditions. The treatment process is described in detail and any questions you have will be answered.

There is no treatment contract or initial treatment series prepayment needed. Initially (with very rare exceptions), there is no need to have a pre-treatment x-ray study done. If there are indicators an x-ray or MRI study is needed (in cases of suspected fracture or certain pathology)., you will be referred to an appropriate diagnostic radiologist.

For every level in the spine Dr. Leusden is able to analyze 25-35 different anatomical aspects. Because this analysis is so detailed, we are able to be much more efficient and accurate if Dr Leusden is able to directly contact the skin.  A 100% cotton gown which is opaque will be given to you to put on with the gown opening facing the back. You will be covered the entire time except for the area along the spine.

The initial visit is where much of the initial work is done towards clearing you body of the accumulated stress, injury, repetitive posture injures and trauma stored in your body. Dr Leusden has made it a goal to clear clients out as efficiently as possible and great strides have been made towards that end. What used to take 4-7 visits four years ago currently takes 2-3 visits.

In the initial visit, the preferred course approach is to clear out the pelvis, entire low back, upper thoracic spine, and cervical spine(neck), relevant cranial bones and the jaw (TMJ).

Lumbar Vertebral disc herniation

MRI study of Lumbar disc herniation at L4

Over the past decade, the process of reducing compensating patterns and uncovering primary, underlying issues has been researched and now taught by Dr. Christopher John of Beverley Hills, CA. These methods and those developed by Dr. Leusden allow complete regional clearing of primary stored stress in the body. Once one vertebra level is revealed as primary, its correction can lead to another vertebral level above or below. Once that vertebra is corrected completely, another vertebral level can be revealed and so on until the entire region is cleared.

Regionally clearing the “low back” includes the entire pelvis, sacrum, lumbar spine, and lower thoracic spine including the vertebral discs, ligaments, attaching muscles, and relevant organ reflexes. Those clients with chronic low back pain usually also have an associated jaw misalignment (TMJ) which (found clinically). Correcting the relevant cranial bones and jaw elements helps the low back correction hold potentially indefinitely.

The upper cervical spine including the occipital, atlas, C3, C3 vertebrae can also be related to chronic low back issues and are also addressed on the first visit. If time allows, the upper thoracic, lower cervical spine is addressed and any extremity concern (knee, foot/ankle, shoulder, wrist) can also be initially addressed.

T8, T9 vertebrae and rib subluxations

Detailed analysis, complete light-force corrections.

One of the fundamental reasons Dr. Leusden practices this particular method is the holding power the adjustments have. On a follow up visit, the levels and regions addressed in the initial visit are checked again to see if there are any deeper levels of injury surfacing.

Typically, on a second visit, what is found are the levels of the spine which were not addressed the first visit. This is the progressive nature of Dr. Leusden’s chiropractic treatments. Each visit picking up where previous visits leave off.

Each client has unique concerns and situations but in general, a follow up visit is recommended within about a week and then a third visit about two weeks after the second visit is recommended to see how the adjustments are holding and if there are any deeper layers of injury revealed.

Overall most people report being a little sore (as if they worked out type of soreness) the first 24 hours. After your body gets used to the changes, greater stability, range of motion, a reduction of symptoms and mental clarity are common.

Gentle adjustments without joint popping or cracking, lasting corrections

Gentle adjustments without joint popping or cracking, lasting correction

Clients are usually able to tell if this work is benefiting them after the initial visit. Occasionally, with certain types of injures, benefit is realized after the follow up appointment.

Any residual symptoms or deep injury revealed in the first few visits can be addressed in subsequent treatment sessions.

Here is a page detailing what to expect on the second DNFT chiropractic visit.

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It’s hard to go through life without accumulating injury, trauma, nagging pain and discomfort. Contact Dr Leusden today to find out if you, a friend or loved one could benefit from this work with a free consultation.

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