Frequently Asked Questions

I am hesitant about seeing a chiropractor because I do not want my neck popped or cracked. Does Dr. Leusden ever do this?

Dr Leusden specialized in a technique, Directional Non-Force Technique® (DNFT®) and has used this method exclusively for the last five years. A central feature of this technique is the light force nature of the corrective impulses. The treatment is as safe for a new born as well as aged clients with osteoporosis and osteopenia concerns. When you are in the right place at the right time, it takes very little force to correct the issue. Clients report being very relaxed during the treatment. Sometimes clients fall asleep while being treated.

Does Dr Leusden require a contract or prepayment and will he adjust me on the first visit?

There is no treatment contract needed or wanted nor is there prepayment required for treatment. Much of the initial work is done during the first appointment including detailed, regional treatment of your most chronic concerns. Visits with Dr. Leusden pick up where previous visits leave off. Depending on trauma history, it usually takes 2-3 total visits to address and clear the entire body initially.

Are x-rays required?

No. Dr Leusden uses a very specialized, sophisticated and accurate method to find out exactly where and how trauma and injury are stored in your body. Only if pathology or fracture are suspected will, Dr Leusden recommend x-ray or MRI studies. In which case you will be referred to a diagnostic radiologist.

Why does Dr Leusden’s and DNFT’s adjustments hold so long?

By using the client’s body as an instrument to find out exactly where and when to adjust, we are able to clear a recorded injury in all its associated anatomy. 25-35 different anatomical aspects are addressed for every level in the spine. By addressing all contributing aspects to a problem, we are able to essentially produce a clean slate using these methods. The result is a more stable situation in which the body is more efficient and actually “prefers” to be in a corrected state. It is very difficult to mess up these adjustments since the body is so stable post treatment.

It takes a lot of subconscious energy to hold on to and accommodate for accumulated injury. Clearing this injury allows an efficient state to return to the body. The energy the body formally used to accommodate for injures can then be used to further detoxify, heal and repair.

Does Dr Leusden take my insurance?

If your insurance policy covers chiropractic, he will provide you with a super-bill with insurance diagnosis and treatment codes which can be submitted to your insurance company. Depending on your policy, you may be reimbursed for partial or full treatment costs. Health savings accounts and similar tax free accounts are also an effective way to write off treatment costs.

The time saved by the progressive nature of Dr. Leusden’s treatment and the relatively low cost of the initial treatments makes seeing  Dr. Leusden cost effective no matter your insurance (or lack there of) situation.

Dr Leusden is an active provider for Denver Options, INC, in which case your initial series of care is paid for with care provider approval. Please contact Dr. Leusden with questions and specifics.

How often are follow up or maintenance visits necessary?

After the initial series (2-3 visits) a reasonable maintenance schedule will be recommended depending on your situation. Reasonable in this case can vary from once a month for people with significant trauma and ligament damage to once or twice a year.

What if I am not feeling any better?

If after the initial series of care (2-3 visits) you are not responding as expected, alternative treatment options (referral) will be discussed. Dr. Leusden has no desire to continue seeing you in the office if you are not benefiting. Most people feel a significant positive benefit in their stability, original complaint(s), greater range of motion and shortened recovery time from acute injuries.

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Written by Dr. Jonathan Leusden,Salt Lake City Chiropractor.