The OS Chiropractic Seminar and Demos

Open Source Chiropractic is coming to Germany June 23, 24 2018

Course: The Subluxation: Defining elements, patterns and possibilities.

Course prerequisites: detailed anatomy knowledge, health care professional, health care student.

All this subluxation information was identified by the Reactive Leg Reflex™

Course introduction:

In the chiropractic technique and adjustment space, Open Source Technique (OST) offers a unique subluxation perspective and adjustment process that is effective and safe for all patients of all ages, spine condition, and any spinal hardware.

By monitoring an instantaneous reflex phenomena and the OST process of precisely testing relevant anatomy, we can find, clear and post check subluxation in amazing detail and clarity.   

This course is designed to teach a fundamental understanding of the subluxation applicable to any chiropractic analysis and adjustment.

Utilizing the perspective gained through this course, participants should develop massively greater understanding, confidence and authority practicing the art of chiropractic interaction.

Participants will learn clinically useful testing and adjustment protocols that will dramatically broaden how the subluxation is addressed and understood.

It’s about knowing, seeing, clearing subluxation and delivering the goods. Increase your  confidence, treatment range and adjusting skills and standout in the space.    

Course Syllabus:

Part 1 or 4:

Intro to OST 

  • OST history, Origins, Advancements, Chiropractic philosophy, subluxation history.
  • Foundational technique elements including subluxation analysis, findings, spinal level and organ relationship.

Part 2 of 4

Diagnostic leg measuring even works with artificial limbs

Clinical applications of OS Chiropractic. Live demos and group discussions including:

  the OS Test diagnostic leg measurement process; prone and supine.

  • Understanding the big idea through observation, subluxation analysis, unique light force adjusting impulse done by hand, post adjustment testing.
  • Demonstrations of Cranial, TMJ, soft tissue, upper cervical, cervical, thoracic spine and ribs, lumbar, pelvis, femur head, knee, foot, shoulder, forearm, hand, sternum, organ analysis and adjustments as needed.

Part 3 of 4

Hands on Motor skills instruction.

  • the The OS adjusting thrust or impulse
  • The OS Test diagnostic leg measurement process

Part 4 of 4 

DNFT Chiropractic™ subluxation findings. Extreme precision.

Adjusting process review,

– Organ reflex testing, organ manipulation and adjustments including:

– Liver, Gall bladder, stomach, spleen and lymphatics, lungs, adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, large intestine.

Course Instructor bio:

Dr Jonathan Leusden graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic – Davenport, and studied pretty much every technique available from 2002-2006 including NSA, BGI, SOT, Dr Rees’ STO, and “Bloodless Surgery” visceral adjusting and more.

Since 2005, he dove deep into the Open Source Technique universe which offered him what he was looking for in chiropractic practice. Namely, a clean, consistent way to communicate with the body in real time, an effective light force impulse adjustment, and to be able to take on any human body situation using no instruments, imaging and adjusting by hand.

Been practicing chiropractic full time since 2005 and maintained DNFT referral list status from 2006-2018.

Currently practicing in Salt Lake City, and Monroe, Utah, his practice maintains a steady inflow of new patients from word of mouth patient referrals, internet presence and professional referrals.

In his free time, Jonathan is a weather nerd, paragliding pilot and big mountain skier.

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