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When choosing a chiropractor in the Salt Lake City area, it is important to consider these two practice elements:

  • How is the analysis done?
  • Are the visits progressive in nature?

The analysis method a chiropractor uses to find what, in chiropractic circles is called, the subluxation is a critical component of the care provided. There are many different ways and theories on how to find stress stored in your body. My preferred method is using a sophisticated passive muscle test or diagnostic reflex which is able to provide very specific real-time information on the chiropractic subluxation and your accumulated stress, trauma and injury patterns.

Detailed subluxation analysis. Salt Lake City chirorpactor.

Detailed analysis, complete light-force corrections.

The advantages of this diagnostic reflex called the OS Test are many. This includes the ability of an experienced practitioner to ask hundreds of detailed questions or challenges of a patient’s body in real-time with unprecedented accuracy. The advantages over x-rays analysis is the real-time analysis aspect of the ROS test. An x-ray gives great information a moment in time. A dynamic analysis allows us to find exactly how stress is stored, what the stress patterns are underneath compensations, and to identify any other layers of the stored injury or trauma.

This means we can use your own body as an instrument to find exactly how accumulated life stress is stored in your body.

Finding what is going on is one aspect of care, what we really want are solutions. The cause many symptoms presentations can be identified with the OS Test, the core diagnostic method of OST.  The solution to an identified issue is just as elegant as the analysis. With very light force impulses, we are able to specifically correct all involved anatomy including the bones, ribs, vertebral disk, ligaments, muscles and more. An injury or accumulated stress is stored and reflected in many different tissues of the body and we can find the issue and correct the problem with very little force without joint popping, cavitation or popping.

This type of chiropractic is safe for clients with acute and chronic injures, children and people with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Te corrections we make are very light but extremely specific and effective. We all know it takes very little force when our are in the right place at the right time. This type of chirorpactic exemplifies this idea.

Progressive visits: Because OST chiropractic is so specific, thorough and timely, the body holds onto the adjustments extremely well. Each office visit and treatment seems to pick up just where we left off on the previous visit. The body is more stable and efficient in a corrected state and as such holds on to the adjustments visit to visit.

This allows us a defined initial series of care. Typically, it takes about 3-4 visits in about 5-6 weeks to get through the majority of the stored stress you walk in with. A maintenance schedule will be recommended based on the number of layers you have and the rate of stress accumulation if applicable your body has. Overall, you should notice a significant difference after the first visit.

OST chiropractic can find the cause of many symptom presentations and offer a lasting, gentle solution.

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