Children and Open Source Technique Chiropractic

Since my son, Ari has been born, I seem to have been busier than ever seeing children in my office. Infants, toddlers, children, teenagers and beyond consistently respond quickly with lasting benefit. The light force adjustments central to Open Source Technique (OST) chiropractic allows the child relax and easily accept the meticulous analysis and detailed corrections during the appointment.

Kids in general are so responsive to OST chiropractic they take less time and fewer office visits. If you are looking for chiropractic services offering fewer visits, extremely gentle adjustments without joint popping, cracking or twisting, OST treatment should be on the top of your list.

Gentle adjustment, safe for all ages.

Specific analysis finding exactly where and when to adjust. Gentle children’s chiropractic, lasting corrections.

Infants, toddlers, children and teenage benefited from lasting changes with health conditions such as:

Stressful pregnancy, birth, cesarean, falls, tumbles and sports injuries can all accumulate and eventually cause health concerns. OST chiropractic is able to identify the exact way this stress is stored and resolve the patterns as we identify them. The analysis is so complete and meticulous and the adjustments so compete, their bodies hold the adjustments extremely well.

Typically, a first visit treating a child takes about 30-45 minutes. A follow up appointment takes about 15 minutes. These two visits, the initial and the follow up visit about a week later are typically what is needed to bring balance, and in a sense, a clean slate to their growing bodies.

Any child under 18 years old automatically receives a 50% discount on all office charges. Free initial consultations are always available. Contact me, Dr. Jonathan Leusden, today!

Ari and Jonathan Leusden

Ari (3 months) and Jonathan Leusden D.C.

A central aspect of OST chiropractic is our testing method. Using a sophisticated reflex, called the OS Test or passive muscle test we can find exactly how accumulated stress, trauma and injury have been stored in the body. Children in general have less accumulated stress and since OST adjustments are so complete, there is very little repeating the same adjustment visit to visit. Each visit picks up where the previous leaves off and typically only two visits are needed to make dramatic lasting positive change.

Gentle Chiropractic for Kids!

I have worked on infants, toddlers, pre ten, pre-teen, teenagers and everyone in between. If you have any chiropractic health concerns about your child, I am always available for a free initial consultation and don’t hesitate to contact the office.

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