Hip and Low Back Pain

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Back pain can be debilitating. An ever present awareness of pain every step, while sitting and while tossing and turning at night can add significant stress to life for all involved. Pain down the leg, sciatic nerve pain and disc herniations can also be related and can prevent you from doing what you want and love.

Just mobilizing or manipulating the area can bring some initial relief although if you are after a lasting change in very few visits, DNFT chiropractic may be your answer.

Using the most sophisticated instrument available (your own body) we are able to find exactly how injuries, trauma, and stress have accumulated and been stored in your body.

Using the Reactive Leg Reflex as the core analysis method in DNFT chiropractic, we are able to find exactly how stress is distributed in the bones, discs, ligaments, and muscles in your low back, pelvis and hips.

An example of the detail possible with DNFT chirorpactic

Analyzing and adjusting all lob back anatomy can make a big difference in your low back pain

Pregnancy and the birthing process, as examples can make significant changes to the pelvis and low back. These changes can result in sciatic and chronic low back discomfort including sensations of instability, muscle spasms and ligament pain.

Injuries, trauma, and stress is stored in the low back in identifiable patterns. For every vertebra, there are 25-35 different anatomical aspects to consider. using DNFT chiropractic, we are able to identify these causative aspects and resolve them as we find them.

The DNFT low back adjustment holds so well over time because of how detailed and complete the analysis and adjustments are. The low back is much more than the a single bone, disc or muscle spasm. The entire low back works together and includes the core muscles and related vertebrae up to T11, T10.

The upper cervical spine or upper neck and the TMJ or mandible are also related to the low back indirectly. I have found clinically, addressing the upper cervical spine and jaw in the same visit as the low back dramatically improves the stability and holding power of the adjustments. This equals, fewer overall visits and relatively much longer adjustment holding power. The feet and ankles should also be considered and in addition to specific DNFT analysis and adjustments, custom orthotics may be recommended.

Gentle Salt Lake City chiropractor

Gentle adjustments, lasting corrections

Patients report greater stability, decreased pain, and increased range of motion usually after the first visit. This type of work is ideal for women postpartum, people standing or sitting much of the day, older women with decreased bone density, people working manual labor type jobs and sports injures acute and chronic.

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