Chiropractic Treatments

Fewer visits, lasting corrections:

The chiropractic treatments provided in Dr. Leusden’s office has unique elements such as fewer visit, lasting corrections and visits which pick up where a previous visit leaves off.  There is no joint cavitation or popping or cracking noises at any time during the treatments. Light force impulses after a detailed and accurate real-time analysis using the client’s own body as an instrument allow for the results described below.

Salt lake city Back pain treatment

Treating the whole body

Areas addressed in the initial visits includes:

  • spine (neck, mid back, low back)
  • Cranial bones
  • TMJ
  • vertebral disks, ligaments
  • shoulders
  • forearms, hands
  • pelvis, hips
  • ribs, sternum, associated cartilage
  • knees, lower legs, feet/ankles
  • Organs

Physical trauma, injury and the stress of life in general can accumulate and be recorded in the body in what Dr Leusden calls: The Language of Stress Accumulation. This language recorded in the living body has predictable elements. Once identified, these patterns, their compensations and underlying primary patterns can be resolved with light force impulses in specific directions. The result is a more stable, efficient system which prefers to be in the newly allowed state. Accessing this language of stress accumulation, it’s elements, factors and contributing factors requires communication with the body’s self-perception indicator. My preferred method is using a reflex taught today through D.N.F.T.® Seminars called VanRumpt’s reactive leg reflex.

Salt Lake City  light force chiropractic

Gentle adjustments, without joint popping or cracking.

The reactive leg reflex (RLR) is an ideal method to find out from a client’s own body exactly how stress is stored in the living body. The RLR offers accurate, sensitive and consistent information to the treating doctor. The RLR is also used to check post treatment how the body is responding and holding the adjustments.

Once this communication is established, the language of stress accumulation is revealed to the careful and meticulous observer. When the body can be used as an instrument for identifying how stress is accumulated and then monitoring how well the adjustments are holding, one can then begin to quantify the treatment course with relative accuracy.

The analysis detail and efficient long lasting corrections available today have allowed my current practice and patient expectations to be relatively very high. Over years of applying a detailed and focused analysis and striving for complete subluxation correction, these elements of client care can now be reasonably met:

Salt Lake City light force chiropractic

Detailed analysis, complete light-force corrections.

1) Identification of compensation patterns applied by the subject’s body out of self preservation to reduce the effect of an underlying primary stress accumulation.

2) To reduce the above compensation and reveal a single primary (sometimes two vertebral levels at the same time) vertebral level actively causing stress to the subject’s body, nervous system and neurophysiology.

3) To identify the exact combination of directions and all associated soft tissue aspects involved with the primary subluxation or stress accumulation pattern.

4) To respectfully and completely eliminate the stress pattern identified in 3).

5) To observe and address spontaneous and assisted retracing of stored primary stress patterns after 4).

When operations are followed through, the number of visits required to significantly reduce the overall subluxation burden or accumulated trauma and injury can be predicted over time.

Fewer visits, Lasting corrections, Light force…

The current initial course of treatment expected at my office includes an initial visit and two follow up visits within three to five weeks. Each visit should ideally pick up where the visit before leaves off. This allows for progressive expectations with a defined and reasonable initial treatment trial. These treatment expectations effectively resolves new patient anxiety and reservation about coming to a chiropractor in the first place. This approach also resolves apprehension and resistance people have in referring others.

Fewer visits and lasting corrections are top selling points when people talk to their friends and families about the care provided at an office like this. Add the point there is no cavitation, popping or cracking during the adjustment and most fears the general population has to coming to a chiropractor are eliminated.

Salt Lake City  light force chiropractic

Factors such as age, overall physical trauma history, overuse factors emotional burdens and dietary habits are all relevant when considering the overall subluxation burden. Regarding specific and pure chiropractic, identifying and eliminating how the stress of life is stored is the top priority.

When this stress accumulation is identified completely it is possible to essentially “clear the slate” of the stored past stress allowing more system wide efficiency and stability. When some one’s body is cleared of the subluxation burden, the energy it was spending on compensating and accommodating for that stress is redirected towards healing, repair and regrowth.

Chiropractic’s value is obvious to those who have experienced its capabilities first hand. Removing the resistance and misconceptions commonplace in the general society’s perception toward chiropractic will allow the profession’s true value to emerge and develop into the potential it deserves.

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It’s hard to go through life without accumulating injury, nagging pain and discomfort. Contact Dr Leusden today to find out if you, a friend or loved one could benefit from this work. Free initial consultations!

Written by Dr. Jonathan Leusden, Salt Lake City chiropractor.

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