Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment

Salt Lake City chiropractor, spine specialist, light force chiropractic adjustments.

 Salt Lake Low Back Pain Treatment

Salt Lake chiropractor, spine specialist, light force chiropractic adjustments.

Gentle adjustments without joint popping or cracking, lasting corrections

There is a solution to acute and chronic back pain including low back pain, herniated and bulging disks without traditional chiropractic twisting and popping. We specialize in a chiropractic technique called Open Source Technique (OST) that allows us to quickly and accurately identify where you are experiencing misalignment in your spine. After we have located the source of imbalance the method that we use to re-align your spine is very gentle. Just a few ounces of pressure at the right time and place is all that is needed to make a lasting difference.

The analysis method used in OST gives accurate and detailed information on exactly how stress, trauma and injury are stored in your body. This is the reason you are experiencing imbalance, instability and pain in your low back. Resolving stored stress, injury and trauma respectfully and completely is our specialty. No matter what the cause is or was, this chiropractic approach offers solutions in just a few visits.

Low back pain treatment and solutions Salt Lake

Analyzing and adjusting all low back anatomy can make a big difference in your low back pain.

You’ll know if we can help after the first visit!

Why just a few visits? The analysis method we use is so accurate and detailed and the corrections we make are so compete, the body will actually prefer to be in a corrected or aligned state. This means you body is more efficient and stable which equals fewer visits, extended maintenance recommendations and lasting improvement.

If you have been looking for a gentle solution for your acute and chronic low back pain call me today and let’s discuss your options or schedule you for a free consultation. To contact us click here:  Salt Lake chiropractor.

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